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Kancho John Chang


Founder of Chang Tai Do Karate & Fitness 

Sensei Chuyeun



Sensei Michael Huey


Assistant Instructor

Sensei Jacklin Chang


Assistant Instructor

Sensei Paul Jibaja


 Assistant Instructor 

Sensei Tom Ekshtein


  Assistant Instructor  

Kancho John Chang


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Sensei Michael Huey


Michael Huey began his martial arts career at the age of 11. He studied Shotokan Karate under Kancho John Chang  for over ten years. Throughout those ten years training under Chang Tai Do Karate &Fitness, Michael has attained his Shodan(First Degree) and Nidan(Second Degree Black Belt).  Since Michael has been with Chang Tai Do for more than ten years, he has participated in various activities for his group, such as competing in tournaments and promoting martial arts since he believes that teaching martial arts in the community will help build a safer and better environment for our community.

Michael is currently assisting Kancho Chang with teaching classes for the cities of Sunnyvale and Los Altos parks and recreation program. In 2014, Michael became a certified Referee and Judge through USA National Karate Federation. Michael graduated at San Jose State University in 2016 with the bachelors degree of Business: Management Information System. 

Michael is currently working as technical support agent for 22Miles Inc. and is the builder of this fantastic website.